As a mom of two young children, I don't have time to fret about a precious fabric or antique rug being damaged by a spill. I also don't want to worry about sharp edges and fragile furniture that might topple if bumped. My home is an eclectic mix of who we are as a family and what we love. I don't want to compromise my design style, but I also want my whole family to enjoy our home. Yes, we have a white sofa -- which is slipcovered for easy washing and bleaching! It's possible to create a vibrant space that also accommodates a busy family lifestyle. I founded Progeny Interiors as a specialized design firm that focuses on providing safe, functional, and comfortable spaces that everyone can enjoy. I create rooms with upholstery and rugs that can withstand spills and accidents, functional storage solutions that can conceal toys and games, and stylish accents that represent your design aesthetic.